Sino-EU Conference on Intelligent Robots and Automation

 20210415192450Sino-EU Conference on Intelligent Robots and Automation

8th Forum on Core Components and Key Technologies for Robots

 4th Sino-German Sympoium on Intelligent Robots (Session 2)


Date: 21st-22nd May, 2021

21st May: European Session (Zoom meeting)

22nd May: Shanghai Session (Local + Zoom meeting)


China Science & Technology Automation Alliance

Gesellschaft Chinesischer Informatiker in Deutschland e.V.

Tsinghua Collaborative Innovation Alliance on Robotics

China-Germany Joint Lab on Intelligent Robotics

China-Italy Joint Lab on Advanced Manufacturing




The Sino-EU Conference on Intelligent Robots and Automation aims to strengthen the academic communication, R & D cooperation between China and Europe in the field of Intelligence Science and its application in industry. Academicians, senior research scientists, young scholars, engineering experts and business leaders are invited in the field of computer science/data science/industrial automation/robotics to give an in-depth discussion on

  • the development of the core components and key technologies in robotics and automation.
  • the innovative application of intelligence technology, especially the application of artificial intelligence in robotics and automation. 

In view of the rapid development of AI, robotics and automation in recent years, coupled with consumers' pursuit of green and sustainable life, a large number of cutting-edge technologies and laboratory research results have the opportunity to be quickly transformed into marketing products to improve our lives. The conference aims to present the most advanced theories and technologies in robotics and automation of China and Europe, and explore the future trend of intelligent robots and next-generation automation in an open manner. The conference will provide the invited guests and participants with an opportunity to discuss the transformation from academy to industry, and help in identifying the promising opportunities for cooperation in both research and entrepreneurship.

The theme of this year’s conference is "Shaping the Future with Robomation". The conference will be held on 21-22May, 2021, adopting a local + online meeting mode in consideration of the Covid-19 case. An initiative to Sino-Europe Innovation Network on Intelligent Systems will be announced during the conference.

Through this conference, the organizers expect:

  • To connect China’s and Europe’s enterprises and research institutions in robotics and automation by constructing a Sino-EU innovation network on intelligent systems.
  • To strengthen the communication between (1) Chinese & European experts (2) the experts and audience, by means of interdisciplinary and industry-academy exchanges, so as to inspire wisdom and build consensus and pave the way for future cooperation.
  • To understand the requirements from industry and academy, thus promoting the realization of joint research/projects in AI, robotics and automation.

About the Organizers

China Science & Technology Automation Alliance (CSAA) is a non-profit industrial organization established in 2011 dedicated to the mutual promotion of advanced automation and the scientific and technological innovation. It is one of the most active intelligent manufacturing industry ecology in China.

The forum on Robot Core Components and its Key Technology jointly launched by the CSAA and the Tsinghua Robot Technology and Industry Collaborative Innovation Alliance has been held for seven consecutive years since 2015. The forum achieves a good reputation in industry for its professionalism and high-quality, having produced a wide range of influence.

Since 2019, the Sino-German Joint Laboratory on Intelligent Robot and the Sino-Italian Joint Laboratory on Advanced Manufacturing have been introduced into this forum, featuring Sino-EU dialogue and the technology transfer. The forum started to appear for the first time with the name of Sino-EU Conference on Intelligent Robot.

Gesellschaft Chinesischer Informatiker in Deutschland e.V.(GCI) was founded in 1986 in Karlsruhe, Germany. GCI is a purely public non-profit organization and currently has more than 500 members, most of whom receive his/her doctoral or master's degree in Germany. The GCI has a large number of talents in Internet, big data, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, advanced intelligent manufacturing, robotics, etc.

Since 2016, GCI has hosted three Sino-German intelligent robot forums (SGIR, Sino-German symposium on Intelligent Robots)). The series of activities have won the support and attention of a large number of robot experts, scholars and business leaders in Germany and China. In 2020, the GCI organized the first seminar on intelligent robots and automation in Europe. The seminar invited 5 IEEE fellow and professors from Germany, France, Italy and UK to in-depth discussing the recent progress in robotics and automation.

Invited speakers and program (China Session, in Shanghai):

- Prof. Jianwei Zhang, Hamburg University

- Prof. Jie Li, Foxconn Group

- Prof. Fuchun Sun, Tsinghua University

- Prof. Xi Xiao, Tsinghua University

- Prof. Hongen Liao, Tsinghua University

- Prof. Lining Sun, Suzhou University

- Prof. Gurvinder S. Virk, Managing Director of Endoenergy UK

- Dr. Hao Ding, CEO of ORIGITECH

- Dr. Miao Li, CEO of COBOT

- Dr. Limin Zeng, The Head of China Office at Wandelbots GmbH

- Dr. Bo Liu, Tsino Dynatron


Invited speakers and program (Europe Session, online):

- Prof. Jianwei Zhang, Hamburg University, Germany

- Prof. Gerhard Weber, TU Dresden, Germany

- Prof. Nassir Navab, TU Munich, Germany

- Prof. Shan Luo, University of Liverpool, UK

- Prof. Matej Hoffmann, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech

- Prof. Fei Chen, The Chinese University of Hong Kong | Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

- Prof. Yiannis Karayiannidis, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

- Prof. Kai Wu, South China University of Technology, China

- Mr. Victor Splittgerber, CEO of WAKU Robotics, Germany

- Dr. Baoxing Qin, CTO of Gaussian Robotics, China

- Mr. David Reger, CEO of Neura Robotics GmbH, Germany


Workshop for Young Scholars--Sino-EU Intelligent Robots and Automation Innovation PioneersRobomation35 (40-60 min per talk, 8-10 speakers )

Researchers are encouraged to submit paper abstract (IEEE format, 1-2 page) to the conference for reviewing.  The abstract should be sent in pdf file to the mailbox “该邮件地址已受到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它需要在浏览器中启用 JavaScript。” with subject--“SERA2021 abstract”. The selected submission will have chance to talk in the workshop, and will later be recommended to the SI after a complete extension of the original abstract.

Important dates:

Abstract submission deadline:9th, May,2021

Notification of acceptance:16th,May,2021

The prepared special issue is in “Frontiers in Neurorobotics” (JCR Q2, IF=2.574) and the title is: Biological-inspired Autonomous Mobile Manipulation: Challenges in Design, Control, and Real-world Applications. The newest and unpublished research and review papers in mobile and manipulation domain are encouraged to submit. The submitted papers follow the peer review rule of the Journal. The SI details will be announced soon.


Roundtable Talk (30 min)



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